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Frequently Asked Questions

The current fee is $88 weekly. Payment is expected at admission and each week on Monday.

Currently, we accept cash or money order. We directly bill United Health Plan Rite Care, Neighborhood Health Plan Rite Care, and Medicaid. We also maintain a limited number of state slots, which provide assistance to the those who receive only Medicaid and fall under federal poverty guidelines.. If you have another type of commercial insurance, you should contact your insurance company regarding reimbursement of treatment costs.

Our admission criteria are governed by state and federal regulations. Call for an initial screening with our clinical staff to determine eligibility.

Medication levels must be individually determined because of differences in medical conditions, metabolism, body weight and opiate tolerance. The proper maintenance and therapeutic dose is one at which narcotic craving is averted, without creating euphoria, sedation or analgesia for 24 to 36 hours.

Yes. As with all medical services, we have an obligation to hold your personal and treatment records completely confidential. We abide by federal laws, HIPAA and 42CFR part II. We can only provide information to others if there is a signed and witnessed release of information, in a medical emergency or if we receive a court order, if you have committed a crime at the facility, if child/elder abuse, neglect, or endangerment is suspected, and in cases when there is an ethical obligation to warn ("duty to warn") an individual or authorities that a crime that could result in substantial bodily harm or death is being planned by one of our patients.

If you are a visitor to Rhode Island and would like to receive your methadone, suboxone, or vivitrol at one of our clinics, please have your current treatment provider contact us in advance to make arrangements. The process is not complicated, but we do require a few days advanced notice.

The fee for courtesy dosing is $15 per day. Full payment is required at your first visit.

The first step is making the phone call. You will be asked general questions regarding your history of substance abuse and treatment as well as questions regarding your general physical health to determine appropriateness of methadone maintenance treatment at our facility. The admission process involves a full physical, including blood and urine tests and a complete bio-psychosocial assessment. If it is determined that another type of treatment is best for you, we'll assist you with a referral to the appropriate care.

Success is determined in many ways. Our ultimate goal is to work with the patient to stop the use of illicit drugs. We do not "kick people out of treatment" if they continue to use drugs unless it is determined that it may be a medical risk. We believe that having a patient come into treatment on a voluntary basis is a step in the right direction. We encourage consistent treatment. Research has shown longer length treatment is highly correlated to treatment effectiveness.

All patients receiving methadone are required to participate in individual counseling. Our approach is patient centered, individualized care. Counseling may include family members or significant others. Our counselors participate in continuing education in order to provide evidence based, effective treatment. In addition to individual counseling, we provide group treatment and educational programs that cater to the diverse needs of our patients.

For the first two months of treatment, patients are required to attend the clinic daily. Once stability is achieved, those in compliance with all program rules are eligible for incrementally increasing take home medication doses that allows for less frequent clinic visits.

We work very hard to keep patients in treatment. Research has shown that the longer patients are in treatment, the less the chance of relapse. However, if patients are continually non-compliant with treatment rules, and all therapeutic interventions have been exhausted, we will offer to transfer the patient to another program if a different level of care is warranted. We seldom terminate a patient from treatment, except in the case of threats or violence.

Federal and state laws require random urine tests for all patients in Methadone treatment.

Please contact us for your drug rehab treatment services. We treat patients in Rhode Island ( RI ), and nearby Massachusetts ( MA ) and Connecticut ( CT ).


SELF-PAY: $88/week

  • Disabled under Affordable Health Care Act
  • Neighborhood Health Plan
  • United Behavioral Health

BLURCROSS/BLUE SHIELD of RI: requires approval based on plan; fee based on plan
NEIGHBORHOOD & UNITED COMMERCIAL PLANS: requires approval based on plan; fee based on plan
TUFTS HEALTH PLAN: requires approval based on plan; fee based on plan
STATE FUNDED SLOTS: state determines eligibility; are reserved for people who only have RI Medicare and fall under federal poverty guidelines